NSF Fee $20 charge per check
$40 maximum charge per day
Overdraft Fee $20 charge per check
$40 maximum charge per day
Account Activity Printout $3.00
Account Research $25 minimum for 4 hours of research time, $10 per hour for additional time plus $1.00 per page
Stop Payment Charge $25.00
Wire Transfers Domestic Incoming = no fee
Domestic Outgoing = $15.00
Foreign Incoming = $35.00
Foreign Outgoing = $35.00
Check Orders fee depends on style & quantity of checks
Cashier’s Checks $2.00 per $100 (maximum of $20.00)
Accounts Closed $10.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Dormant account fees $3 per statement cycle (monthly for Checking Acts, Quarterly for Savings Acts)
An account isdormant if for one year (checking), or two years (savings), no deposits or withdrawals are made by you or your account statements are returned for an incorrect address.  Accounts held by non-profit organizations, minor’s accounts, accounts established as love funds, estate accounts or guardianship accounts, and accounts with a minimum balance of $1,000 or more will not be assessed a dormant account fee.
Garnishments/Executions/Levies $35 each plus applicable attorney’s fees
Loan Document Preparation Fee  $40